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Selected Works

Horses122 x 122cm (48 x 48in) Homage to Pompeii104 x 104cm (41 x 41in) The Bird I81 x 81cm (32 x 32in) Fire110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Storm110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Sun110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Abundance119 x 119cm (47 x 47in) Objects119 x 119cm (47 x 47in) Apple41 x 41cm (16 x 16in) Dream76 x 97cm (30 x 38in) Adam and Eve84 x 104cm (33 x 41in) Horses II84 x 92 cm (33 x 36in)
Elemental Apple84 x 104cm (33 x 41in) Horses V119 x 119cm (47 x 47in) Cameo with Grapes84 x 84cm (33 x 33in) Niche II46 x 61cm (18 x 24in) Abstract with Grapes97 x 122cm (38 x 48in) Historical Apple122 x 122cm (48 x 48in) Horses IV (Homage to Cave Paintings)107 x 107cm (42 x 42in) Cherries97 x 76cm (38 x 30in) Grapes and Apple99 x 122cm (39 x 48in)
Summer110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Fall110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Spring110 x 110cm (43 x 43in) Palette 51 x 71cm (20 x 28in) Window Scene81 x 99cm (32 x 39in) Niche I46 x 61cm (18 x 24in)
Nature Abstract I81 x 102cm (32 x 40in) Cameo with Bird84 x 99cm (33 x 39in)